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Saga of the Cecum

September 26, 2017

Two years ago I had a colonoscopy with a youngish GI Dr.. in Medford, Oregon. He found a "20mm tubular adenoma polyp" in the "appendiceal orifice" in the cecum and said it could not be removed due to the thin wall in that area...and he referred me to a surgeon in a local group. When I researched the surgeon on line however I discovered that there had been some litigation about her "inadvertently" attaching a colon to a vagina. So I called the GI doc back and told him and he said to pick another from the group...which I did. He also averred that it would only require a small resection of the cecum and that he had dyed the area. Three months later I had the surgery and while there was dye in the specimen...there was no polyp .. Fortunately I had adamantly told the surgeon prior to surgery I was NOT to have a hemi-colectomy, so he did not keep chomping away on the cecum. I was stymied as to what to do next and had lost all faith in the system I was in. So the next Spring (no snow on the mountain passes) I made the 6 hr auto trip and returned to my old stomping ground in California and my previous GI doc in Marin, Dr. Sowerby, did a colonoscopy and confirmed the presence of said polyp and then referred my to Dr. Binmoeller at CPMC in SF. Dr. Sowerby said: "Every patient he had referred to Dr. Binmoeller had had a successful outcome" which was quite reassuring at this point. Long story short in Sept 2017 Dr. Binmoeller performed a colonoscopy with his advanced methods and expertise and removed the polyp and advised a check up in 6 months. Unbelievable that more doctors are unaware of his method. I am hoping to rectify that here in Southern Oregon....and make sure that at least all the doctors I encountered hear about him.

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