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"Underwater" endoscopic mucosal resection

My wife had a colonoscopy and polypectomy done here by Dr. Hamerski a few days ago. Hamerski, Binmoeller, and their associates use a polypectomy technique developed by Binmoeller, called "underwater" endoscopic mucosal resection, which they believe to be superior, both in efficacy and safety, to the most common methods currently widely used, in conjunction with ultrasound and special imaging technologies. They have lots of papers, talks, and videos online if you search for "Binmoeller underwater emr", which are quite instructive. My wife's case was difficult due to scarring from previous unsuccessful attempts at removal. Hamerski nevertheless believes he succeeded. Hamerski was extremely thorough in both pre-op consultation, and post-op consultation, taking great care to explain their methods, and procedure results. Also, he's a nice guy! The entire staff, from reception, to the various nurses along the way, were very friendly and helpful, unlike many centers, especially urban ones. The main complaint, if you are having a procedure which requires cleansing of the colon, is that the final part of the prep, including multiple poop sessions, is done in the waiting room. There are only 2 bathrooms available for the several people doing this when we were there, leading to bottlenecks, not something you want after multiple laxatives. In addition, sharing bathrooms with repeated defecation increases the risk of contracting fecal-orally spread disease, such as hepatitis, so be careful! Another complaint relates to telephone staffing. It appears they like to leave the phone off the hook even all day if they are short-handed, and the answering service will not take messages, other than emergencies.


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