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A Sure Thing!

After a routine colonoscopy in my hometown of Seattle, the Colonoscopy physician removed two polyps. Fortunately, being a very capable physician, he did not try to remove the 30mm flat polyp in the cecum, as that procedure needed further discussion since it was a more difficult procedure. He told me he would try to take it out and when I asked what was his success rate for this type of removal, he said about 85%. Being in healthcare for 40 years, I decided to do some more research. In that research I found Dr. Binmoeller. I spent hours reading about him on line, reading his reviews, his papers and studies, watched his videos and then spoke to him via phone. He explained his procedure, which was very different from the procedure described by my original Colonoscopy physician. He also told me he has a 99%+ success rate and he usually has to fix the procedures of other physicians trying to take out polyps like the long flat one I had. The day of the procedure, while prepping he met with me and went into detail about the procedure. I had the procedure done in January and as he predicted, it was uneventful. Recovery was easy and there were no side effects or problems. He even discovered one smaller, flat polyp missed on the original Colonoscopy. Dr. Binmoeller is a dedicated professional. He is what every physician should strive to be like. There are two rules for those of us who were or are in the "healthcare" system : 1-Stay out of the "healthcare" system by making the right lifestyle choices. Rule #2-if you have to go into the "healthcare" system, make sure you are in the hands of the top physician/surgeon in that speciality. Dr. Binmoeller is the best Endoscopic surgery physician there is......PERIOD!

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