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Dr. Binmoeller save my colon and let me regain my quality of life

I just realized how fortunate I was to get to know Dr. Binmoeller and his Interventional Endoscopy Services early this year when I found out there was a 4cm polyps in my colon from a routine colonoscopy exam. At that difficult time, my GI and family doctors suggested that I should schedule an open abdominal surgery to remove the polyps even though the biopsy report showed that it’s a benign polyp. My doctors said the biopsy only examined the superficial fiber tissues of the polyps and could not determine if it was cancerous and that having open abdominal surgery to remove the polyps was the most thorough and secure way to clear out all the suspected cancer cells. I was very concerned. I was not totally convinced and doubted why the removal of a benign polyp would require an open abdominal surgery. So I went to seek 2nd doctor’s opinion. Fortunately, I was referred to see Dr. Binmoller and learnt that through a non-invasive way known as Colonoscopy with EMR can remove the polyps. When I searched on the web about the non-invasive method, I learned that Dr. Binmoeller is the founder of Interventional Endoscopy Services (IES) at California Pacific Medical Center. He is a renowned doctor in this field with over 20 years’ experience. He has improved this surgery to a more advanced level, for example, he uses a very delicate technique called underwater technique which uses water instead of gas to fill the colon during the procedure. This provides enhanced patient comfort and is much safer. I felt so lucky that I could have such a famous doctor to perform this procedure on me. On the procedure day, what I needed to do was fast for one day before the examination. I was very nervous when I laid on the operating table. Dr. Binmoeller told me not to worry and explained how this method was more beneficial than an open abdominal surgery. His confident attitude eliminated my stress. When I woke up in the recovery room one hour later, I didn’t feel any abdominal pain nor discomfort. The nurse assured me that the polyp had been successfully removed and I would receive the biopsy report in a few days. When I drove back home, all I felt was relief and gratefulness. I had my first bowl movement 3 days after the procedure. I was a little anxious but it was very smooth with no signs of blood. I was totally relieved. Then I returned to my normal routine of running 3 miles a day in just 3 days after the EMR procedure. Dr. Binmoeller brought me the great news after the pathology report was done that the polyp had been removed entirely and it’s not cancerous. No one would understand how grateful I am to Dr. Binmoeller. To have an open abdominal surgery may have long-term adverse health effect and would have negative impact on my health and quality of life for rest of my life. That’s why I am eager to share my story to others and let others know Dr. Binmoeller saved my colon, and let me regain my quality of life. The risk of colorectal cancer in the Chinese population is higher than other ethnic groups. If we don’t remove polyps at its early stage, there is a higher risk that it will turn cancerous. I have the urgency to share my story with more people and to let them know that even a big polyp can be removed by new type of colonoscopy with EMR. I also wanted to let others know that our life is in our hands. We should get a second opinion whenever we are in doubt. I also hope that more medical professionals can be more open minded to new technology, have patients’ wellbeing in mind and promote a newer, safer medical method to benefit more patients just like Dr. Binmoeller did. As the Chinese saying goes, better save one life than build a seven-story pagoda. This is the main reason why I am sharing my story. I want to do a good deed for others.

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