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Colonoscopy Adventures

Like a number of men my age now 72 I started getting Colonoscopy exams at the age of 50. I had a few older friends who never were checked until it was too late. I started seeing Dr Jonathan Leichtling at age 50 and continued being checked every 5 years till the age of 66. About 3 years ago I was experiencing some stomach discomfort and was referred to Dr Annette Kwon who suggested she do a colonoscopy even though my next one was another 2 years off. Dr Kwon found a number of polyps which she removed in addition she found a flat 10mm polyp. Dr. Kwon referred me to her colleague Dr. Kenneth Binmoeller who pioneered flat polyp surgery. I was lucky to live in a part of the country where medical advancements take place. In May of 2015 Dr. Binmoeller successfully removed my 10mm flat polyp. I just today completed my second followup checkup in 3 years with no recurrence. My thanks to Dr. Binmoeller and staff for the excellent work they do.

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