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Giant duodenal polyp

I was referred to Dr. Kenneth Binmoeller by a general surgeon in Walnut Creek. I had a giant duodenal polyp which was pre-canerous. The one option was a lengthy operation which was dangerous to my life, as well as a 6 month recovery rate. This type of surgery was called The Whipple method. Because of Dr. Binmoellers outstanding reputation for endoscopy treatments, he perfomed a complex and detailed procedure of resecting my duodenal polyp. He is the only doctor in the world who is known for this type of resection. He was very congenial and put me at ease. I was the first person I believe to have this procedure done under his expertise and outstanding performance. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Binmoeller for his rare technique and superb endoscopy treatment of me. After the procedure, he spent about 1/2 hour explaining what he did. I highly recommend Dr. Binmoeller for anyone out there who needs this type of treatment.

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