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Awesome invention by Dr. Binmoeller

My father is 75 years old. He suffered from stomach pains because of gallbladder stones last September. Usually the gallbladder can be removed with a common surgery. For a normal patient, this would be a safe and relatively easy surgery. But since my father has a serious heart disease and cirrhosis, removing his gallbladder becomes very dangerous. There’s a 50% chance he might die from such a common surgery, so the doctor had to put a temporary bag outside his body with a needle inserted into the gallbladder to dispose bile liquid. His quality of life was low with stones in his gallbladder and a bag hanging outside of his body. Fortunately, we met Dr. Merriman at CPMC. He referred my father to Dr. Binmoeller for an innovational procedure. Dr. Binmoeller installed the AXIOS stent (a wire mesh tube) between my father’s gallbladder and duodenum. The bile can flow back through this new channel. Also all the stones are cleaned through this tube. My father does not need the bag anymore. His quality of life has been greatly improved. Now he is much happier and healthier. We are grateful.

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