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Very large (10cm) rectal polyp removed by Dr. Binmoeller, avoiding surgery & saving my rectum….

During my colonoscopy, a 10cm rectal polyp was discovered, and lucky for me, my Gastroenterologist in Petaluma referred me to a Gastroenterology surgeon in San Francisco. Once again, lucky for me, this surgeon, Laurence Yee, MD, in having his best interest in only his patient (me), said since the biopsies from my colonoscopy were benign, he would send me to another specialist, Kenneth Binmoeller, MD, to evaluate the polyp for cancer, using ultrasound, and remove it, using Interventional Endoscopy, thus saving me from losing my rectum, part of colon and greatly lowering my quality of life, for life. Dr. Binmoeller and his excellent team, accepted the challenge of removing this very difficult polyp (size and location in rectum created this challenge) and removal was a complete success!! My message is this, "Please don't accept surgery as the only alternative, Intervention Endoscopy can save you a lifetime of poor quality of life. Get a second opinion and have Dr. Binmoeller's team do an evaluation before you agree to invasive surgery!" Oh, by the way, 2 1/2 hours after my polyp removal, I stopped at StarBucks for coffee, and my wife & I walked around San Francisco, just enjoying the sites, pain free and beyond estatic! Thank you to my gastroenterologist, Dr. Steady, Dr. Laurence Yee, and Dr. Binmoeller and to your entire team, from appointment making Colleen and Rochelle, for getting my husband in quickly, to all the entire medical team….Clifford S, Petaluma, CA

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