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My story is like so many others, I went in for a routine colonoscopy at the age of 58. I put it off because I felt to busy & healthy to have this invasion to my body. When I spoke with the doctor after the procedure he let me know that I had a very large polypoid mass and he was unable to remove it, he wanted me to set up surgery and have it taken out. I asked if he would set up a referral for a second opinion. Thankfully this led me to Dr. Kenneth Binmoeller who threw his amazing expertise in this area was able to remove the lesion with colonoscopy intervention. My suggestion to all is get your 1st preventive care colonoscopy when your doctor suggest, usually at age 50. If there is something to large for them to remove have them leave it alone and ask them to not inject marker ink which can lead to scaring. Dr. Binmoeller let me know it is always sad to talk to a patient after their procedure and tell them that the lesion could not be removed because of prior attempts elsewhare that were unsuccessful, causing to much scar tissue to allow the endoscopy procedure. I am every thankful to have been lead to Dr. Binmoeller and his amazing team of providers. With Gratitude, Carolyn R.

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