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Grateful beyond words - large flat polyp removal

I thought I'd share my story in the hopes it may be helpful to others. I'm 55 so my doctors had reminded me yearly since I was 50 to get my colonoscopy done. I had finally set a goal of having my dreaded first colonoscopy by the end of last year and scheduled it in mid December 2015. I thought I had developed hemorrhoids in the prior 6 - 8 months thus prompting me in finally getting it scheduled. I let my gastroenterologist Dr. Mrudula Kumar know right before the procedure to let me know if I had any options to remove them etc. To my surprise the colonoscopy determined I didn't have hemorrhoids, instead I had a large flat polyp along with many small flat ones very near my rectum. Dr Kumar left them alone and said normally these would require surgery and due to the proximity of the polyps could have a good chance in resulting in a colostomy bag. I'm stunned...what!? However, she told me here in the SF area we are lucky to have Dr. Binmoeller's IES group so I could see if his new endoscopy procedures available there will work for my situation. I immediately called Dr. Binmoeller's office and was setup for a mid March procedure after getting all the paper work transferred. I didn't see Dr. Binmoeller until minutes before my procedure and I can say he didn't mince words at all....he was very direct and honest telling me how serious my situation was and if there is any sign of cancer the procedure will end without doing anything. There would be a new plan made which would end with me having a colostomy bag! He promised me he would do all he could and he was the best to do this. I took one last look at my husband with tears in my eyes. Before I went out I thought I'm putting everything into this technique he pioneered and certainly hoped I caught this before there was any cancer. Following the procedure I met with Dr. Binmoeller who was sincerely happy to let me know the procedure was a success! He was very confident there was no cancer, which was later confirmed through pathology results. I was even back to work the next day - amazing technology! I'm so thankful Dr kumar told me about Dr. Binmoeller's group and I'm extremely grateful beyond words on what Dr. Binmoeller did for me. I so dodged a bullet! Listen to your doctor and get your first colonoscopy when you turn 50. If you find you have large flat polyps needing surgery seek out Dr. Binmoeller's IES group as it may be your answer. I can never thank Dr. Binmoeller enough, without his work I'd be having a very different life right now.

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