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Saved from Surgery

A few months ago I learned an incredibly valuable lesson that I hope everyone reading this can learn from as well. I had a large flat polyp that was biopsied. The biopsy left scar tissue. As I came to know, scar tissue is a possible blocker to being able to remove flat polyps without surgery. This put me at high risk of needing to have surgery that would end my quality of life. At the beginning of my procedure, Dr. Binmoeller mentioned that scar tissue from biopsy could be prohibitive to removing a flat polyp using endoscopic mucosal resection. I was very worried he would not be able to remove the polyp. In addition to the scar tissue, I knew from previous doctors that the edges of my polyp were not easily defined and the depth was unknown. This alone even for the most skilled physician made my case a very difficult one. Dr. Binmoeller was not only able to define the edges, but he successfully removed the entire polyp despite the extreme difficulty of the scar tissue. I am beyond grateful to Dr. Binmoeller. If I had had surgery, it would have resulted in a colostomy. I cannot express my relief, gratitude, and good fortune in finding Dr. Binmoeller. I love to dance, play tennis, and run. My quality of life would have been severely diminished had I gone through surgery. I have a new lease on life and urge anyone with a condition similar to mine see Dr. Binmoeller. He can do things nobody else can. I am eternally grateful he has dedicated his life to helping people with conditions such as mine. As far as I am concerned, he is a miracle worker. His entire team is among the best I have ever seen at any hospital. I would like to thank them all. What an amazing group of professionals.

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